A Manic-Depressive Named Laughing Girl (babesintongland) wrote,
A Manic-Depressive Named Laughing Girl

HOLY SHIT I'm updating livejournal

key points

-I am probably not going to be able to transfer by next fall. Womp womp womp.
-The studio class I'm in is kicking my ass in the best possible way; I get to participate in a student gallery showing though. I'm excited. The whole class is pretty cool.
-I sent off my second ever poetry submission today. I always think about Austin Osman Spare and sigil theory when it comes to sending poems, as if I should have performed some ritual to keep me from thinking about it until I see the results.
-I thought there was a lot more than this, but basically I've been running my ass off this semester. Now it is getting to the point where I don't want to socialize and people are constantly wanting to socialize and I feel like an ass for wanting so much time to myself.

Been falling behind with writing, but it's okay because I've been doing lots of revisions on poems. I really want to take a Women's Studies class in the Spring but I don't think I can give up singing, and there is a huge schedule conflict.

Feeling pretty rejuvenated & motivated at the moment, looking at lots of art, and working hard finishing up coursework.
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